Vineyard Church of Columbus

Mens Whitewater Rafting Trip 2003

Follow the links below to several different galleries of photos that I shot during the weekend. In the coming days I hope to include photos that other people shot during the trip (if you have any e-mail them to me and I'll include them here).


If you would like the full resolution version of any of the images, e-mail me and I will send them out to you.

Keep in mind that each image (even well compressed) is about 700K each, which isn't a problem with dsl or road runner links, but can be a problem with hotmail, AOL and other dial-up services.

While I was going to inlude them for direct downloading here, I don't have enough server space to hold them all.

Enjoy and may God bless you all.


VCC Rafting 2003 - Images 001-035

VCC Rafting 2003 - Images 036-070

VCC Rafting 2003 - Images 071-115

VCC Rafting 2003 - Images 116-140

VCC Rafting 2003 - Images 141-176